Welcome to the Free Socialist Republic of Humanytaria! Featuring a few commited English, Polish and Americans all believing in a Libertarian-Socialist utopia. And yes, you can join too! We, ourselves, have been relishing a idea of a socialst libertarian state for over a year, our chance to edict this came when a few unclaimed 'terra nullius' emerged to the press, keen to establish a state, the members claimed a pocket (3) in the area on 2nd of May 2015. Now, with land partioned, Humanytaria lay clay on the southernmost area of pocket 3, other nations disputing the northermost.


Our main aim is a government running on minimal tax, transport, health service and a large amount of freedom, exercised through a constitution. Direct democracy is almost impossible in a area as small as pocket 3 however most power is from the people giving Humanytaria a democratic toutch. The name itself, Humanytaria is from the word 'humanitarian'. We shall serve the people, that is in our name.


We currently have two news services, one of which, is contributed to by the people. If you take any intrest in journalism please contact us at humanytaria@gmail.com. The ganstijden and Humanytarian press are both non-profit services, and so are most of the services we provide.


To explore more, feel free to visit our Microwiki page, although, please note, we don't post everything that is found on the page.


Freedom for all! The most simple way to join is to fill in the citizenship form, then sign up below. A response should be sent via email within two weeks.



Live Humanities Be Humanities

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